Lost in the Super Bowl

Given his recent political activism and the current economic headlines, I thought Bruce Springsteen might use his gigantic bully pulpit last night to play something a little edgy and provocative — one of the dark ballads from The Ghost of Tom Joad, perhaps, or at least a little “Badlands.” Nyuh-huh. The Boss went right for the Bud Lite moment, and God bless him for it: We all need some pure, joyous entertainment, and if we can’t get it from a Super Bowl halftime show, then we’re really going to be in the throes of depression. Forget the panic; Bruce is savoring the manic pop thrill of Obama’s rising. He and the E Streeters looked and sounded great. And yes, I was taken aback with the unapologetic commercialism of his final statement: “I’m going to Disneyland!” First the Wal-Mart fiasco, then the Super Bowl, now Team Rodent?! And what the heck does a California theme park have to do with anything anyways? At first, I thought he meant Disneyworld, because he was in Florida. But a little Google search showed me that once again, Asbury Park’s favorite bard is smarter than I am.

There’s some funny discussion of Bruce in my Facebook profile:

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