Daily Archives: March 24, 2007

Bad mom day

You’ve heard of bad hair days: Yesterday I had a bad mom day. First, when I picked Cole up from school, his teacher told me he had pulled his pants down in class, again, and kissed a girl, again. My son is a toddler letch. As Cole and I were riding away on my bike, perhaps because I was distracted by this news, I lost my balance and fell off the curb, with my son in the child seat. It was a very scary feeling knowing I was going down and poor helpless horny Cole was going with me.

Fortunately I managed to mostly break our fall with my hands (ouch) and we escaped with minor scrapes and a heap of embarrassment. But I felt like such a loser. It’s one thing to hurt myself with my clutziness, another to bruise my child.

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