Bad Mamas Rule! Britney and Anna

Bald Britney bashing a car with an umbrella. Pregnant Anna Nicole with face paint. Frightening images, yes, but very punk rock too. Our culture created these women, held them up as idols because of their facility with peroxide and silicone and cameras, and now we’re tearing them down. It’s sad to watch. And yet I feel these extreme gestures of theirs are the screams of objects trapped, of pregnant and postpartum women with hormones raging and society crashing down on their ill-prepared psyches. Goddess knows I’ve never had much use for Britney, but maybe this is precisely when rad women should be reaching out to her: She’s revolting, yes, but in revolt perhaps as well. Swing that ‘brella grrrl, you go!

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One response to “Bad Mamas Rule! Britney and Anna

  1. Ruby

    Thank goodness I’m not the only rad woman who wants to adopt Britney. I never liked her much myself, but now I find myself wanting to protect her. I’d love to mentor her or something. Probably a stupid savior complex, I know, but the girl needs help and all anyone wants to do is judge her. And blame the partying!

    If I were Britney Spears, I’d be smoking weed, too, that’s for damn sure. But that’s the LEAST of her problems.

    How fucked up is it that when Britney Spears does something truly cool like shave her head, everyone immediately assumes that she’s having a nervous breakdown?

    When a former sex object willfully and abruptly rejects the universal sexbot dresscode, there’s hell to pay!


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