Poll: Diddy vs. Clap?

I’d like to start a poll of all five of you readers out there (hi, Mom!). If I get responses, I’ll run regularly. Best response wins free Mamarama temporary tattoos. Today’s weighty question:

Which heavily hyped, sort-of recent release do you find more unlistenable: Diddy’s Press Play or Clap Your Hands Say Yeah’s Some Loud Thunder? Why?

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One response to “Poll: Diddy vs. Clap?

  1. Jeanne

    I love being asked my opinion on stuff. I can even give my opinion on stuff I know nothing about… like Diddy’s and Clap’s albums. Just watch –> Diddy’s Press Play is lethargic at best; I can’t stand the way he mumbles; his dancing reminds me too much of MC Hammer. I should be thankful, however, that his dancing is done without a lick of irony. He really does think he looks fly hoppin’ around like that. Clap’s music is like a dentist drill being wielded by a young, gaunt dentist who suffers from anxiety attacks but who feels his anxiety attacks give him character when in actuality they just make him uncomfortable to be around. He feels the same way about his mismatched socks and roach-infested Chinatown studio apartment.


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