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Freedom Road?

My husband is in the process of buying a new boat, a beautiful Island Pack named the Freedom Road. We’re selling our old Hunter, Waking Moment. These are used boats whose names we inherited when we bought them but kept, in part because we liked them, and in part because it feels like a name is a boat’s soul and shouldn’t be needlessly tampered with. But the name led us into a discussion of how you can get away with calling boats things you couldn’t in rock’n’roll.  

“Would Freedom Road be a good name for a song?” Bud pondered yesterday. He begrudgingly defers musical decisions to me, the critic.

“No, too corny.”

 “How about a band?”

“No. I think there was a Christian rock band called Freedom Road that played my high school in Wisconsin in the ’70s. That’s not a good thing.”

“They played my school too!” Bud laughed; he lived in Michigan.

Today he read in the paper that the name of John Mellencamp’s new album is Freedom’s Road.

Told you.

P.S. My favorite boat name ever was on the dinghy of a sailboat in Olympia, which I pictured owned by two lovely old West Coast lesbians: “Row vs. Wade?”


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